We train our learners on variety of accounting and payroll software currently in high demand in practice and industry. We equip the learners with the latest legislation and fundamentals of Payroll & Pension Vat, bookkeeping, Business Tax, Company Tax Returns, SA Personal Tax Return and Company Financial and Management Accounts and practical application of these in range of software (Payroll Software, Accounts Production Software, Tax return production, Cloud Bookkeeping). Finally providing the opportunity to work on these softwares with actual data in supervision of our qualified trained staff.

Who Can Study This Course

This is perfect start for those who have basic knowledge and concepts of accounting and UK tax system but don’t know how accounting practices work and how to deal with variety of clients’ need.

You are fit for this course if:

  • Students new to accounting qualification
  • Individuals wants to learn new accounting software
  • Individuals who have practical experience but not relevant to UK Industry and Practice
  • Individuals who have finished or in the halfway the professional accounting qualification but with no practical experience
  • Individuals who want to set up their own practice
  • Accounting practices or business looking to train their staff.

What I will get after completing this course

You will essentially learn how to start and register with government authorities to act as an agent to deal on behalf of the clients.

You will be able to independently complete all of the following tasks for clients. Please note that this list is not exhaustive but the essentials to start small practice. It all depends on you how far you want to go and learn complex tax environment but this undoubtedly gives you a kick start your own practice for small clients.

Contents and Outlines

  1. Bookkeeping and Accounting Concept
    • Using Cloud Bookkeeping Software and Spreadsheets
    • Analysis of data including Bank statements, invoices, bills, thru use of excel and bookkeeping software
    • Analysing and correcting customers and suppliers balances on bookkeeping software
    • Preparation of fixed assets schedules making depreciation entries using different methods
    • Making accruals and year end adjustments
    • Preparing and finalizing TB for final accounts.
  2. Preparation of Financial Statements (manual and computerized on accounts production software)
    • Preparing client screen on accounts production software
    • Input or import of TB from excel to accounts production software
    • Preparing and selecting notes to the accounts through software
    • Preparing and selecting accounting policies for small companies
    • Preparation of draft Financial Statements
    • Preparation of Final Financial Statements
  3. Payroll
    • How PAYE system work in UK
    • How to get and apply relevant rates and information from HMRC
    • Use of HMRC calculators and professional payroll software
    • Inserting employee data into payroll software
    • Preparing weekly and monthly payroll and payslips
    • Sick pay, SMP, SPP working and requirements
    • Holiday pay calculations and requirements
    • How to submit RTI
    • Preparation of Bank File for online bank transfers
    • Pension Auto Enrolment setup
    • Making journals for financial statements
    • How to register a client for PAYE scheme
  4. VAT Returns
    • What is VAT, essentials of VAT
    • Different schemes of VAT and functionality
    • How to register a client for VAT to HRMC
    • Preparation of VAT returns input and output VAT
    • Use of HMRC websites and software for completing and submitting VAT returns
    • Where to get relevant and necessary information about VAT
  5. Company Tax Returns
    • Use of Tax production software for preparing tax return
    • Use of HMRC website for preparing tax return
    • Importing data and accounts from accounts production software
    • Different type of Capital allowances and their working
    • Allowable expenses
    • Disallowable expenses
    • Preparation and electronic submission of final CT600 to HMRC
    • Tax planning tools to reduce the tax
  6. Personal Tax Returns
    • Who requires to submit personal tax return
    • How and when to get UTR number for client
    • Use of Tax production software for preparing tax return
    • Use of HMRC website for preparing tax return
    • Importing data and accounts from accounts production software
    • Allowable expenses
    • Disallowable expenses
    • Completing employment income tax schedule
    • Completing investment income tax schedule
    • Completing property income tax schedule
    • Preparation and electronic submission of final self-assessment tax return to HMRC
    • Tax planning tools to reduce the tax

Registering as an agent with HMRC for online filing

Registering with company house for online filing


Please be aware that for this course you should have basic knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping concept, you should be able to learn and absorb the legislative requirements for individual and business taxation. This is not a professional qualification course, it’s only short term guidance course that will teach you how to organise your knowledge base or learn new things to market yourself. After this course you are not supposed to give tax advice if you are not appropriately qualified for the purpose. SKZ will not take any responsibility for any advice or mishandling of information by you.

However if you already have professional accountancy qualifications, we will help you and mentor you to achieve your career goals and get the practicing license from related accountancy body.

Require more information?

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